Why not make a cartoon character of yourself? It ’ll be delightful and unique to others when you’re representing yourself in a cartoonized way in your online bios, If you aren’t comfortable using real prints to represent yourself in any online biographies andavatars.To produce a custom icon , you do not need to download anything. There is free online software to make an avatar with your face in different styles. The services guarantee characters in anime, cartoon, mock or from an image. 

 1. Avatar Maker

Avatar Maker can help you to make avatar online for yourself or for your profiles. Avatar Maker is one of those platforms to produce your cartoon avatar as realistic as possible in four different stroke styles. There are several face, mouth and nose shape options and indeed the iris type can be named. Through an attractive interface, you can add different features to your avatar in terms of hair, face, eyes, clothes, and background. formerly done, you can download your character in SVG or PNG format. 


Cartoonify is a straight forward online tool for creating cartoon icons. You can choose from 300 different graphic features to add to your character and save your creation in PNG, SVG, or upload to Gravatar. There’s also a style- to guide to help you produce your character on the point. 

3. AI Cartoonizer 

AI Cartoonizer can turn any image into a cartoon- style image. It lets you turn your face into anime, mock, or Disney- style characters within a few seconds. The tool is also applicable for iOS and android. You can edit and tinker with the created characters and add textbook, frames, and fresh goods. 

 4. Image to Cartoon 

Image to Cartoon enables you to turn your prints into cartoon characters and incorporations with just a many clicks. You can add any intriguing body (batman, superman, flier) to your characters and add your characters to a cool background and have fun with it. The stylish part is, the image you ’ll produce will be deleted from the app within 3 hours. 

5. Bitmoji 

Create realistic and creative cartoon characters with Bitmoji. On the website, you need to produce an account and start making a perfect bitmoji adding your peculiar features. Also, you can partake the created bitmoji in any iOS or Android app and add them to iMessage, Gboard, or as a Chrome extension to your cybersurfer. 

 5. Photo 

This stupendous point can’t only turn your geography print into a gouache delineation, but also make your face transubstantiate. Just upload your print to the website and get multitudinous changes of facial expressions. 

6. Ready Me Player 

Ready Player is a great option for anyone who wants a realistic 3D icon . The point allows you to produce characters with full body or just the face, from a print transferred by the stoner or taken at the time. 

The service seeks to reproduce the main physical characteristics of the person, but nothing prevents changing them. It’s possible to modify skin tone, haircut and facial hair, eye color, hair, eyebrow, etc. The tool also offers the option to fit accessories, makeup and clothes.