Better Instagram app for Android 

Android is actually quite a vast ecosystem. There are more than 1 billion active users who are spanning across thousands of varied device models. This platform has been an incredible choice for a large number of users due to its significant of the variations in speed, features and even cost. This mean, supporting all the android users is quite a big challenge and also a chance for app developers to reach the whole of the world. The developers have already spent considerable efforts in re-imagining and also redesigning the Instagram app for android users.

Flat Design

The design of Instagram has been revamped for Android users with three of the main goals- increasing app speed, aesthetics, and screen size. The flat design has already taken hold in the whole world of mobile from over the years. Flat design is all about working less. Stripping away all the UI elements and just let the content speak for the robust performance.

Start uptime

The users no longer have to wait forever for getting the app to start up. This is quite crucial while using the android phones where less powerful of the phones will be killing the apps quite often under the pressure of memory. The company has already managed to cut down the start-up time of the Insta app to around half. It has already become one of the fastest starting apps.

Instagram has become a widely impactful social media app

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